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While any physician can offer weight loss, W8MD physicians are very knowledgeable in the management of obesity and the associated conditions such as metabolic syndrome. Our physicians recognize that “one size fits all” diet plans do not work and will work with you to develop a custom weight management program to best meet their individual needs. W8MD Weight Loss and Wellness program takes into account each patient’s lifestyle, medical history, medications taken on a regular basis, special dietary needs and computerized body fat composition analysis.

Physician Supervised and Safe

As Bariatricians or Obesity Medicine Physicians, W8MD physicians set themselves apart from other physicians through extensive medical education and training programs, acquisition of specialized knowledge, tools and techniques. A Bariatrician is a licensed physician who has received special training in bariatric medicine also called Obesity Medicine, in the medical treatment of obesity and its associated conditions. Because of their specialized education, and knowledge in the treatment of obesity, our physicians offer the highest qualification to design individualized medical weight loss treatments tailored for each patient, in addition to offering life-long weight loss maintenance plans.

Patient Education

Our physicians teaches each patient about a healthy approach to weight loss, while offering the very best strategies bariatric medicine has to offer. A very important part of the program is his partnership with the patients to achieve long term healthy eating habits through comprehensive dietary education, teaching about behaviour modification and lifestyle changes to achieve long term success.

 Real Life Solution

W8MD Medical Weight Loss, unlike so many other “fad diets” and “gimmicky quick weight loss program” that offer unrealistic outcomes, our physicians offer each patient a real life solution. W8MD Medical Weight Loss receives a large number of referrals from satisfied patients, as well as referrals from Family doctors, Internal Medicine doctors, Cardiologist, and other physician specialties.

Nutritional Testing

W8MD physicians realize that obesity represents a state of malnutrition-and that many obese patients might have underlying nutritional deficiencies, and might be in a state of metabolic starvation while being overweight or obese. W8MD physicians understand that, when access to protein is limited and calories are provided without adequate protein, the carbohydrate storage signal prompts adipose accumulation. In order to effectively identify and treat the underlying nutritional deficiencies, W8MD physicians use nutritional testing to determine any deficiencies and take corrective measures to treat them accordingly.

Metabolic Syndrome

Affecting one in 3 Americans, metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome leads to many of the ill effects associated with weight gain. At W8MD, we focus on the medical management of metabolic syndrome(Insulin Resistance) and work with our patient’s primary physicians to ensure long term improved health of the associated health problems such as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, hypertension etc. that accompany obesity.

Our Passion

Because W8MD physicians take a personal stake in each patient’s success, their efforts can be far reaching beyond the patient. W8MD Wellness Centers of America’s weight and wellness program is truly an effort of passion to overcome obesity and attempt to make a difference.

For general enquiries, you can contact W8MD today for more info@W8MD.c o m (remove the spaces in com) or call us at 1-800-W8MD-007.

Weight Loss needs a physician and W8MD can make the difference! You have nothing to lose but your unwanted pounds!


Our weight loss program cost $50.00 biweekly plus insurance or $130 self pay  


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