1199 is an insurance also called 1199seiu. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a labor union representing almost 1.9 million workers in over 100 occupations in the United States and Canada.

Who gets 1199 insurance?

1199 SEIU is usually seen among workers, spouses, retirees and family members in the following professions:

Does 1199 insurance cover medical weight loss physician visits?

Yes. Since obesity is considered a preventable medical condition, and since pre-existing conditions cannot be excluded, all insurances are mandated to cover weight loss physician visits including 1199.

Weight loss

Does W8MD accept 1199 insurance for weight loss?

Yes, our New York City offices are in network with 1199 insurance for both weight management, sleep disorders, primary care, and preventive care.

Weight loss success stories

Weight loss success stories

What is covered usually on the 1199 insurance for weight loss at W8MD?

W8MD can bill 1199 for the physician weight loss visits, any test that might be performed such as a breathing test called Resting Metabolic Rate test (RMR), electrocardiogram (EKG), nutritional counseling etc. Since most insurances limit weight loss medication coverage, or exclude it, W8MD typically provides the weight loss medications at the office for a small administrative cost of $50.00 biweekly that provides up to two weeks of two diet medications if dispensed in office.

Does 1199 cover weight loss surgery?

Most 1199 do need prior authorization and might not cover bariatric surgery

Does 1199 insurance provide weight loss coverage?

All 1199 plans cover physician weight loss visits

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How can W8MD’s insurance weight loss, sleep and medical aesthetic programs help me?

As one of the very few non-surgical weight loss programs to be in network with most insurances including 1199, we do get many 1199 patients for our non-surgical medical weight loss program. If you live near greater New York area, have 1199 insurance and need to lose some weight without bariatric surgery, you can contact W8MD.

W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program is unique in many ways with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to weight loss that addresses all the complex issues leading to weight gain, both in adults and children. Since its inception in 2011, W8MD has successfully helped thousands of patients succeed in not only losing weight but also keep it off with an ongoing maintenance plan.

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