If your child is obese, you might be concerned as a parent or care giver.

How can I tell if my child is overweight?

The best way to tell if your child is overweight or obese is to use one of the free online BMI tools for children (not the ones for adults)

Here are the BMI categories for children

  • healthy weight: 5th to 84th percentile
  • overweight: 85th to 94th percentile
  • obese: 95th percentile or higher

Why should I be concerned about my child’s weight?

If your child is in the upper BMI percentile range of either 85th to 95th considered overweight or above 95th, considered obese, you should be concerned due to the health risks of being overweight. Since overweight status can lead to many medical problems, psychiatric problems, and future opportunities for employment etc might also be affected negatively, it is important to address the child’s weight issues.

W8MD weight loss team

What can W8MD do to help my child lose weight?

If you have tried many things and failed, it is time to consider W8MD. Our physicians can help your child using evidence based, clinically proven, safe and effective strategies to help your child not only lose weight but also keep it off.

How else can I help my child?

  • You can help your child by being positive and supportive throughout any process or program you choose to help him or her achieve a healthy weight. Help your child set specific goals and track progress. Reward successes with praise and hugs.
  • Tell your child that he or she is loved, special, and important. Children’s feelings about themselves are often based on how they think their parents and other caregivers feel about them.
  • Listen to your child’s concerns about his or her weight. He or she needs support, understanding, and encouragement from caring adults.

What makes W8MD’s weight-management program different?

W8MD’s insurance weight loss

When choosing a weight-management program for your child, look for a program that

  • W8MD’s weight loss program includes a variety of health care providers on staff that are well trained and experienced.
  • Our program evaluates your child’s weight, growth, and health before enrollment and throughout the program.
  • W8MD’s program is adaptable to your child’s specific age and abilities.
  • We help your family keep healthy eating, drinking, and physical activity habits after the program ends.

Having helped thousands of patients lose weight, W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss programs are unlike any other.

How can W8MD help?

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