Confusional arousal is a sleep disorder that causes a person to act that way for a prolonged period. Episodes usually start when someone is abruptly woken up. The person does not wake up completely and so remains in a foggy state of mind.

The person with a confusional arousal may have difficulty understanding situations around them, react slowly to comma nds or react aggressively as a first response to others.

What can I do for parasomnias?

Many people with parasomnias see an improvement by improving their sleep habits. Some sleep healthy sleep tips include:
 Ensure you are getting enough sleep
 Keep a regular schedule of going to bed and waking up
 Avoid alcohol or other sedatives at night that might make it hard for you to completely wake up
 Avoid caffeine or smoking
 Keep the bedroom quiet to avoid getting disturbed
We need to make sure that persons suffering from parasomnias remain safe. Some tips for bedroom safety with a parasomnia include:
 Avoiding large objects that can fall by the bedside
 Make sure there are no objects on the floor that can be tripped over
 Close and lock bedroom doors and windows to ensure a person cannot go outside
 Consider an alarm or bell on the door
 Close shades over windows in case they are hit to protect a person from glass
 Remove potentially dangerous objects and weapons in the bedroom
 Avoid significant elevation. No bunk beds. Consider mattresses on the ground, and ground floor bedrooms.

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