Kleine-Levin syndrome is a rare disorder that primarily affects adolescent males (approximately 70 percent of those with Kleine-Levin syndrome are male).

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  • What are the symptoms of Kleine Levin Syndrome?
  • Is Kleine Levin Syndrome Rare?
  • Is there a cure for Kleine Levin Syndrome?
  • How rare is KLS?
  • How does KLS present?
  • How to diagnose Kleine-Levin Syndrome?
  • How to treat KLS?
  • What common is Kleine-Levin Syndrome?
  • How does Kleine-Levin syndrome present?

It is characterized by recurring but reversible periods of excessive sleep (up to 20 hours per day).

What are the symptoms of Kleine-Levin syndrome?

Symptoms occur as “episodes,” typically lasting a few days to a few weeks. Episode onset is often abrupt, and may be associated with flu-like symptoms. Excessive food intake, irritability, childishness, disorientation, hallucinations, and an abnormally uninhibited sex drive may be observed during episodes. Mood can be depressed as a consequence, but not a cause, of the disorder.

Can the patients with Kleine-Levin syndrome be normal in between the episodes?

Yes. Affected individuals are completely normal between episodes, although they may not be able to remember afterwards everything that happened during the episode.

How frequently do the patients with Kleine-Levin syndrome get these episodes?

It may be weeks or more before symptoms reappear. Symptoms may be related to malfunction of the hypothalamus.

How do you treat Kleine-Levin syndrome?

There is no definitive treatment for Kleine-Levin syndrome and watchful waiting at home, rather than pharmacotherapy, is most often advised. Stimulant pills, including amphetamines, methylphenidate, and modafinil, are used to treat sleepiness but may increase irritability and will not improve cognitive abnormalities.

Can antidepressant medications be used to treat Kleine-Levin syndrome?

Because of similarities between Kleine-Levin syndrome and certain mood disorders, lithium and carbamazepine may be prescribed and, in some cases, have been shown to prevent further episodes. This disorder should be differentiated from cyclic re-occurrence of sleepiness during the premenstrual period in teen-aged girls, which may be controlled with birth control pills. It also should be differentiated from encephalopathy, recurrent depression, or psychosis.

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