8 steps to losing weight fast

If you are overweight or obese, and trying to lose weight, here are w8md’s 8 Steps to losing weight

w8md weight loss w8md weight loss
  1. Weight Loss Step 1.
    Check your BMI using an online BMI calculator. Go to http://www.w8md.com and find the BMI calculator on the right side of the page, put in your information, and find out your BMI.
  2. Weight Loss Step 2.
    Get a measureing tape and measure your waist circumference in the most prominent part of the belly. Also measure the hip circumference. If you are male and have a waist of over 40 inches in the most prominent part, if you are a female and have a waist of over 36 inches, you may have underlying insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome that may be causing your weight gain, especially in the belly and upper part of the body. (For Asians, the threshold is 35 inches for men and 31 inches for women).
  3. Weight Loss Step 3.
    Check if you meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome. Go to http://w8md.com/w8d-healthy-living/w8md-metabolic-syndrome-meter and see if you meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome.
  4. Weight Loss Step 4.
    Find a weight loss program that accepts health insurance (if you have health insurance)
  5. Weight Loss Step 5.
    Consult with an Obesity Medicine Trained Physician knowledgeable about metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and other causes for weigth gain and can help you lose weight safely and effectively using evidence based methods
  6. Weight Loss Step 6.
    Start a Low Calorie or Very Low Calorie Diet Plan that cuts you calories by about 500-1000 calories a day so you can lose about 1-2 pounds a week
  7. Weight Loss Step 7.Start walking or other low to moderate intensivity exercise program. Understand that exercise alone is useless for weigth loss but in combination with a reduced calorie diet, it helps.
  8. Weight Loss Step 8.
    Start a behavior change plan to help you stay on track with your goals.

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“I like the Doc. He seem’s to know what he’s talking about nice guy” – J.S.

“After losing 75 lbs, I am cured of sleep apnea, and never felt better! My only problem is that I need new cloths!” – Larry J.

“I came of 5 medications within 2 months of starting the program. This program is amazing and it works”. As they accept insurance, it is as simple as seeing any doctor!” Jorge!

w8md weight loss program reviews w8md weight loss program reviews

Our services

  • Nutritional / Complementary Medicine
  • Anti-Aging / Preventive Medicine
  • Environmental Medicine
  • Holistic /Alternative
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Appetite Suppressant Medications
  • Primary Care Services
  • Sleep Diagnostic And Treatment
  • Allergy Immunotherapy
  • Bioidentical Hormones
  • Candida / Yeast Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Colon Cleansing
  • Lyme’s Disease Treatment
  • Nutritional Rebalancing
  • Obesity Treatment
  • Rapid Weight Loss Programs
  • A Menu of Weight Loss Methods
  • Diabetes Dietary Management
  • Metabolic Syndrome / Prediabetes Management
  • Cholesterol Lowering Therapies
  • Wellness and Prevention
  • Diet to enhance fat burning
  • Food allergy elimination
  • Meal or snack replacements
  • Medication for appetite control
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Non-drug aids for appetite control
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Personalized exercise programs

Conditions Treated
Sleep Disorders 

patient reviews of w8md(weightmd) weight loss centers patient reviews of w8md(weightmd) weight loss centers

Our Sleep Medicine Services

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Sleep Studies
  • Home Sleep Studies
  • In lab sleep studies
  • CPAP / BiPAP titration
  • Board Certified Sleep Doctors

Primary / Preventive Care Services, and Wellness, Holistic Medicine Services

List Of Conditions Treated 

Skin conditions, including

  •  Eczema , hives , and other allergy-related problems

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Endocrine / Glandular Disorders   

sleep disorders and weight gain sleep disorders and weight gain

Cardiovascular Disease 

Immune System Disorders

Arthritis / Musculoskeletal

Headache / Neurologic Disorders

ADD / ADHD, and other childhood and adult behavioral / emotional problems

Women’s Health IMG_0074.JPG

  • Premenstrual and Menopausal syndromes
  • Prevention for osteoporosis  and cancer , among other diseases
  • Polycystic Ovaries
  • Infertility due to insulin resistance

Men’s Health


  • Supportive nutritional programs

Anti-aging Medicine

  • Natural hormones
  • Brain Longevity Programs

Other Diseases and Issues

W8MD’s weight loss, sleep, aesthetic & IV nutrition programs

W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program is unique in many ways with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to weight loss that addresses all the complex issues leading to weight gain, both in adults and children. Since its inception in 2011, W8MD has successfully helped thousands of patients succeed in not only losing weight but also keep it off with an ongoing maintenance plan.

W8MD Weight loss centers that accept insurance for visits

Philadelphia Weight Loss

1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115 Ph: 1-215-676-2334


King Of Prussia Weight Loss

: 987 Old Eagle School Rd, Ste 712, Wayne, PA, 19087 Ph: 215-676-2334 

NYC Weight Loss

2632 E 21st St Brooklyn New York 11235

Ph: 1-718-946-5500. 

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W8MD weight loss, sleep and medical aesthetics

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How to lose fat weight fast

Weight Loss Science Reviewed By A Weight Loss Doctor

  • Are you a bit overweight or obese? Overwhelmed-Obese-Woman-Looking-398
  • Are you searching for ways to lose weight or body fat?
  • Are you interested in understanding what is causing you to gain weight?
  • Do you have belly fat or upper body weight that you are trying to lose?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are not alone. As a fellowship trained obesity medicine physician, let me review proven and effective ways to lose weight.

No matter what anybody might tell you  – there are about 5 proven ways to lose weight.

Obesity is treated using one or more of these 5 proven methods for weight loss:

Weight Loss Option 1.

A diet low in calories using Low Calorie Diets (LCD’s) or Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD)
Weight Loss Option 2.

Increased physical activity most effectively with diet low in calories as exercise alone is not that useful for weight loss
Weight Loss Option 3.

Intensive Behavior Therapy(IBT) by a trained obesity medicine physician
Weight Loss Option 4.

Prescription medications such as Phentermine, the new weight loss drug Qsymia, or other medications
Weight Loss Option 5.

Weight-loss bariatric surgery which shrinks the stomach and forces you to have a Low Calorie Diet (number 1 or number 2). Since the stomach can re-expand after a couple of years, and given the complications, risks of surgery etc., bariatric surgery for weight loss is not for every body.

 Let us look at each of these weight loss options and how to combine different options such as VLCD or LCD with a weight loss medication, with a little bit of exercise for optimal and fast weight loss.