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Sheapshead Bay Brooklyn Weight Loss

Sheapshead Bay is a bay separating the mainland of Brooklyn, New York City, from the eastern portion of Coney Island with a population of 123,181 people.



What percent of the residents of the Sheapshead Bay area of the borough of Brooklyn are overweight or obese?

While the statistics for the individual borough are not available, it is safe to assume that the residents of Sheapshead Bay are similar to the rest of the residents of Brooklyn. In the city of New York, adult obesity rate is currently 25.7%, up from 17.1% in 2000 and from 9.3% in 1990. The borough of Brooklyn has an adult obesity rate of 26.3 percent. Approximately one in four adults in Brooklyn is estimated to be obese and at risk for health risks including diabetes and cardiac events. Another third of the adults are considered in the overweight category with a body mass index of between 25-29.9. Combined together, over 60% of the adults are either overweight or obese.

How do you lose weight in Brooklyn, NY?

  • Brooklyn NY weight loss tip 1

Start with understanding your Body Mass Index or BMI so you know where you are starting.

If you have a BMI of below 25, and up to 18, it is considered normal weight.

BMI of 25-29.99 is overweight and above 30 is obese.

 BMI Category BMI (kg/m2) BMI Prime
from to from to
Very severely underweight 15 0.60
Severely underweight 15 16 0.60 0.64
Underweight 16 18.5 0.64 0.74
Normal (healthy weight) 18.5 25 0.74 1.0
Overweight 25 30 1.0 1.2
Obese Class I (Moderately obese) 30 35 1.2 1.4
Obese Class II (Severely obese) 35 40 1.4 1.6
Obese Class III (Very severely obese) 40 45 1.6 1.8
Obese Class IV (Morbidly Obese) 45 50 1.8 2
Obese Class V (Super Obese) 50 60 2 2.4
Obese Class VI (Hyper Obese) 60 2.4
    Once you know where you and lets say you know you are either overweight or obese, you may want to go to the next step.
Overwhelmed Obese Woman Looking confused w8md weight loss program can help

Overwhelmed Obese Woman Looking confused w8md weight loss program can help

  • Brooklyn NY weight loss tip 2

Get a tape and measure your waist as the distribution of the weight plays a big role. he Waist-hip ratio or waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is the dimensionless ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips. This is calculated as waist measurement divided by hip measurement (W ÷ H). For example, a person with a 30″ (76 cm) waist and 38″ (97 cm) hips has a waist-hip ratio of about 0.78. The waist to hip ratio or WHR has been used as an indicator or measure of health, and the risk of developing serious health conditions. The WHO states that abdominal obesity is defined as a waisthip ratio above 0.90 for males and above 0.85 for females, or a body mass index (BMI) above 30.0.

  • Brooklyn NY weight loss tip 3

    • Make a goal for your weight loss – say you want to lose 30 lbs, and set a time before which you want to do it, say in the next 6 months.
    • Focus your attention on the positive benefits you will get from losing weight.
    • Make weight control changes a top priority in your life.
  • Brooklyn NY weight loss tip 4

The fourth thing to do is to find a weight loss program that is right for you – although there are many weight loss programs, for most people, getting help from the professionals that can guide and also give them the tools to succeed is important as each person gains weight for a different reason. Did you know that most insurances are mandated to cover the weight loss physician visits and counseling as part of preventive care through the Affordable Care Act? Learn more on insurance coverage for weight loss.

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