How to lose weight?

How to lose weight is one of the top searched item on the internet.


Before we look at how to lose weight, let us review some basics on obesity.

Statistics on obesity

With two in three adults either overweight or obese, with over 50 medical conditions directly or indirectly related to it, being overweight or obese is not easy.
  • What is causing this epidemic of obesity and diabetes?
  • Could the traditional over-simplistic thinking of “calories in and calories out” or “eat less, exercise more” be wrong?
  • Were we mislead on the diet by the wrong recommendations on the diet from the USDA when they made the failed food Pyramid which is now withdrawn?


Many things can lead to weight gain from genetics to environment, medications to fad diets, lack of activity to overactivity of certain kind such as body building weight lifting, hormonal imbalances to medications, stress and depression to the medications used to treat these, the causes of weight gain are many.
  • Did we miss the bus on what is the major contributing factor to weight gain?
  • What if the things they traditionally advocated for healthy eating such as the failed and withdrawn food pyramid contributed to the obesity epidemic?
  • What if the same things we thought were healthier to eat were causing not only the weight gain but also risk of diabetes through a less talked about problem called insulin resistance?
  • What if our entire culture of blaming the obese for being overweight or obese is counter productive for weight loss efforts?

Consequences of obesity

People with obesity are at increased risk of developing many medical problems including the following:
W8MD Team

W8MD Team

How to lose weight?

If you have tried many fad diets, that not only fail in the long run but make you weaker as they make you lose more muscle than fat, or you do not have time for the fad diets, and want a diet that is custom designed for your unique situation, you may want to consider getting the help of trained weight loss physicians at W8MD weight loss, sleep and medical aesthetic centers. At W8MD, our focus is prevention rather than cure. OUR W8MD’s PHYSICIAN WEIGHT LOSS, SLEEP AND AESTHETIC PROGRAM OFFERS
  • inexpensive, individualized weight loss plan with all of the right ingredients.
  • a loss of between 2-4 pounds a week with nutritious, easy to prepare, preportioned food
  • FDA approved diet or anorectic medications when medically appropriate
  • a consultation one of the W8MD’s many experienced obesity medicine physicians
  • we address any associated conditions and a wide variety of sleep disorders
  • instruction on nutritional programs teaching you: about metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance
  • education on proper amount of low glycemic foods you should be eating on a daily basis to fit your needs
  • a maintenance plan for ongoing weight maintenance once you lost the weight
Locations for losing weight W8MD WEIGHT LOSS, SLEEP & MEDSPA
  • Pronounced WeightMD, our state of the art W8MD physician medical weight loss, sleep, holistic and aesthetic medicine programs can help you not only to lose weight, and sleep better but also look your best!
  • Since its inception in 2011, W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program has successfully helped thousands of patients.
  • Weight Loss Program is unique in many ways with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to weight loss. The center’s team of practitioners are among the most qualified, dedicated and hospitable professionals in the industry.
  • Sleep Medicine Program uses state of the art technology including the convenient home sleep studies or in lab sleep studies to diagnose and treat over 80 different sleep disorders including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome etc.
  • Medical Aesthetic Program offers a wide variety of advanced laser skin treatments including Oxygen Super Facials, Photofacials, Microneedling, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, non-ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing, Botox, Fillers, Mesotherapy Fat Burning Injections for Body Contouring and other aesthetic treatments. The variety of technology and technique, combined with knowledgeable staff, allows doctors to customize treatment plans to each patient. One-size-fits-all procedures are not performed at W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & MedSpa.
  • IV and IM Nutrition Therapy includes booster shots for B12, vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Detox treatments and IV nutrition therapy. Studies have shown that as many as 39% of those taking oral vitamins on a regular basis do not absorb and will benefit from a booster shot.
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