Phentermine weight loss

Prescription medications for weight loss – Phentermine review

Most people tend to over simplify weight loss and resort the over simplistic approach of “eat less, and exercise more”. If you are overweight or obese and ever tried losing significant portion of your body weight, you would have probably realized that it is never that simple. And if it is, this country or the world for that matter, should not be dealing with this epidemic of obesity, and diabetes, some dubbed as diabesity.

In reality, there are over 50 different neurochemicals that affect the appetite center leading to weight gain and using certain tools such as an appetite suppressant medication might be an option to consider for many in addition to a low calorie diet and exercise. Let us review the old and time tested weight medication or diet pill – Phentermine.

Some of the questions related to the weight loss medication Phentermine we would try to answer in this blog are noted below:

  • Does phentermine really work for weight loss?
  • Is Phentermine safe to take for losing weight?
  • How much weight will I lose when I take Phentermine?
  • How much does Phentermine cost?
  • Is Phentermine safe to take for help losing weight?
  • What are the common side effects of Phentermine?
  • Can Phentermine be taken together with other weight loss medications such as Topiramate, Metformin, Bupropion, or other diet pills?
  • Where can I find a weight loss doctor that is familiar with Phentermine and other appetite suppressant medications in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania area? Learn more…
Phentermine diet pill

Before looking at the answers to the above questions, let us review what the bariatric weight loss physicians or weight loss doctors in the country choose for their patients to help them lose weight. According to most estimates, over 95% of all weight loss physicians use Phentermine alone or in combination with other medications to help their patients lose weight.

In fact, Phentermine is so commonly used for helping patients lose weight by weight loss doctors all over the world that we can Phentermine is to the weight loss physicians what Metformin is to the endocrinology doctors treating diabetes!

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