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W8MD might accept insurance for weight loss visits at certain locations based on the center’s policy. The following is the information applicable to our W8MD locations at Poly-Tech Sleep Services in North East Philadelphia. Our Brooklyn, NY location at Sleep Medical Associates also accepts certain health insurances for both sleep and weight reduction when coverage is available. Our Stamford, CT location does not accept insurance at this time. Please call the individual centers for a list of insurances they may accept. Please down load this form, print and bring with you for your appointment.

Prab R. Tumpati, MD, FASBP, is a Fellow of the society of Bariatric Physicians with considerable interest and expertise in managing patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome. As one of the few physicians in the country with a fellowship training in the field of Bariatric Medicine, Dr. Tumpati also passed a written board examination in the field of Bariatric Medicine. While any licensed physician can offer medical weight loss to patients, as a well trained Bariatrician, Dr. Tumpati sets himself apart from other physicians through extensive medical education and training programs, acquisition of specialized knowledge, tools and techniques. A bariatrician is a licensed physician who has received special training in bariatric medicine in the medical treatment of obesity and its associated conditions. Because of his extensive training in the treatment of obesity, Dr. Tumpati offers the highest qualification to design individualized medical weight loss treatments tailored for each patient, in addition to offering life-long weight loss maintenance plans. Dr. Tumpati is passionate about educating the public on the metabolic effects of weight and has appeared on many Radio and TV interviews.

Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD serves as the medical director at Poly-Tech Sleep and Weight Loss Center in Philadelphia and Sleep Medical Associates Sleep and Weight Loss Center in Brooklyn, NY and is the founder of W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers of America.

Individualized Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Prab R. Tumpati and the entire staff at W8MD Wellness Program are committed to offering a comprehensive and individualized approach. Dr. Tumpati partners with each patient to develop a custom weight management program to best meet their individual needs. His programs take into account lifestyle, medical history, medications taken on a regular basis and also special dietary needs. Dr. Tumpati teaches each patient about a healthy approach to weight loss, while offering the very best strategies bariatric medicine has to offer. A very important part of the program is his partnership with the patients to achieve long term healthy eating habits through comprehensive dietary education, teaching about behavior modification and lifestyle changes to achieve long term success. In combination with reduced calorie diets, behavior modification, exercise and nutritional education, Dr. Tumpati is also able to prescribe certain weight loss medication to eligible patients.

Individualized Weight Loss Plan

W8MD Medical Weight Loss, unlike so many other “fad diets” and “gimmicky quick weight loss program” that offer unrealistic outcomes, Dr. Tumpati offers each patient a real life solution. W8MD Medical Weight Loss receives a large number of referrals from satisfied patients, as well as referrals from Family doctors, Internal Medicine doctors, Cardiologist, and other physician specialties. Because of Dr. Tumpati’s extensive training in obesity, he is able to provide the best possible solution in the treatment of metabolic syndrome and obesity. At W8MD, we only partner with our patients for the metabolic syndrome(Insulin Resistance) and work with our patient’s primary physicians to ensure long term improved health of the associated health problems that accompany obesity.  The primary or the patient’s treating physician will manage the associated medical conditions such as high cholesterol while our role is to reverse the underlying insulin resistance and reduce inflammation caused by the abdominal fat to improve overall health and well being.

Our Passion

Dr. Tumpati has an incredible passion and takes a personal stake in each one of his patients. Dr. Tumpati’s partnership with each patient to combat the chronic illness of obesity begins with the patient and ultimately perpetuates into the household. Because of his personal stake in each patient’s success, his efforts can be far reaching beyond the patient. What W8MD Wellness Centers of America and Dr. Tumpati offers to his patients, the community of Philadelphia and entire state of Pennsylvania is truly an effort of passion to overcome obesity and attempt to make a difference.

Patient Brochure

Read our brochure (page 1 | page 2) and learn about how you can lose weight and learn a lot about staying healthy and reduce risk of inflammation with our W8MD weight loss and wellness program at Poly-Tech Sleep Services.

List of Insurances

Here is a partial list Insurances Accepted for Sleep and Bariatric Medicine Services at Poly-Tech Sleep Services (W8MD Philadelphia Location). Individual coverage varies.

  • American Postal Workers Union
  • Americhoice
  • Amerihealth Administrator
  • Amerihealth HMO&PPO
  • Beech Street
  • Highmark BC/BS Affiliates
  • Horizon BC/BS Affiliates
  • Independence BC/BS Affiliates
  • GREATWEST-One Health Plan of PA
  • Keystone Health Plan East
  • Keystone 65
  • Keystone Mercy
  • Medicare
  • Multiplan, Inc
  • Medicaid/ Medical Assistance – PA
  • Prudential Healthcare System
  • Teamster Health & Welfare Fund
  • Tricare
  • Personal Choice
  • 3 Rivers

For a list of insurances accepted in our other centers, please call the individual center. As accredited sleep diagnostic and treatment centers, our Philadelphia or NY locations also offer integrated sleep diagnostic and treatment services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Philadelphia office at 215-676-2334 or New York office at 718-946-5500.

You can also visit the location spesific websites below


New York:

Stamford, CT: (this location does not accept insurances)


Our weight loss program cost $50.00 biweekly plus insurance or $130 self pay  


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