W8MD’S provides an intensive hands on clinical in office training with one of W8MD’S founders  covering what you need to know about the practical in office management of obesity medicine along with a game plan to implement what is discussed  into your practice. You will learn the skills necessary to start and grow an obesity medicine practice along side your existing practice, increase revenues, and more

Access to our W8MD Physicians

With over 20 years of Obesity Medicine Practice Experience, W8MD physicians, Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD and Dr. Henry C. Sobo, are familiar with all aspects of buildinga  successful Obesity Medicine Program at your office. You will have an opportunity to interact with and rotate with our physicians which is unique.


Teleconferences with other W8MD physicians will be available on an ongoing basis to further enhance the effectiveness of your management of your W8MD program.


Using  W8MD’S high quality, hypoallergenic, protein shake  powder patients will be provided a satisfying meal replacement  program  which is easy to follow for the patient and simple for the doctor to monitor and adjust for the best effect and maximum success for each patient based on their preference. W8MD suggested protocols provides a protein shake replacements as well as w8md’s high quality protein bars.

The individualized nature of the plan that the W8MD physicians provide allows for the program to serve all  patients who wish to engage in the weight loss process, having their personal preferences taken into account and adjusted for. We have  an answer to all common problems for the doctor and patient.

W8MD Team

The 8 easy to remember W8MD W8loss Principles are summarized below

W8MD’s 8 Point W8loss Plan

Here is an easy to remember and simple points about W8MD physician supervised medical weight loss program.

1. 8 amazing weeks of weight loss!

2. 800-1200 calorie Meal Replacement Plans or food prepared with our instruction.

3. Walk 8000 steps a day, not counting activities of daily living.

4. Drink 8 glasses of water or more a day

5. Sleep up to 8 hours a day

6. Lose up to 8 lbs in 2 weeks and get closer to your figure 8 body!

7. Expect to live up to 80 years as you follow the instructions for life!

8. Costing as low as 8 dollars a day for 3 meals, W8MD meal replacement is one of the most affordable!


Be part of the W8MD family to lose weight and live longer! Think W8MD for W8loss!

With a catchy name, easy to remember marketing message that any patient can remember, W8MD program is very simple and easy to operate out of any medical office setting.

Website and Toll Free Number

Anyone visiting the W8MD website will have the opportunity to find your  W8MD clinic.
Your clinic will be listed along with your address and phone number. Our unique and easy to remember Toll Free number, 1-800-W8MD-007 is set up for customer support and to redirect calls to your location.

Online Scheduling

Potential patients can use “schedule appointment” in the “find a clinic” section and fill out their information which will be  emailed directly to your program. This allows you to respond as quickly as possible to help a potential new client. This feature will be introduced shortly.


Patient referrals are also an excellent way for your patients who have experienced the success of weight loss to share the opportunity and experience with friends and family members that they think might be interested or who have expressed interest in knowing what they have done to lose weight.

Signage for Your Lobby 

We also provide patient education materials, such as hand outs, trifold brochures, signage for your lobby, and other marketing materials.

Online Advertising and Social Media

In this digital age, social media and online presence makes a huge difference. Realizing this, W8MD has invested significant resources in building a large online presence including social media presence. We can help in advertising your program using social media and online advertising.


The W8MD Team is ready to work with you and your staff to set up your weight loss practice. We will schedule your physician training  via observation and mentoring with one of W8MD’S physician trainers. Compatible printed materials and relevant published articles will be provided in order to educate the providers and the staff. Please contact us at 1(800) W8MD-007 with any questions you may have regarding W8MD and the next steps in becoming a W8MD Obesity Medicine Physician. Thank you for your interest in W8MD! Email us at info@W8MD dot com for more information.


Our weight loss program cost $50.00 biweekly plus insurance or $130 self pay  


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