Food pyramid

Why USDA’s Food Pyramid Was a Disaster that Contributed to the Rise of Obesity!

In May 2011, the USDA released a graphic called “My Plate” to help people choose what foods to eat instead of the “Food Pyramid”.

Failed Food Pyramid

The useless and misleading food pyramid, which has been confusing consumers for over 40 years, has advocated a philosophy of eating more simple grains, grain based products such as white breads, rice, pasta etc. and other less “fatty” foods without differentiating between simple and complex carbohydrates, and not recognizing the importance of adequate protein.

Hunters and gatherers

As we evolved as Hunters and Gatherers, our bodies are designed to eat a lot of protein along with complex carbohydrates that come from certain low glycemic fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Unfortunately, consuming a lot of the grain based “simple carbohydrates” such as breads, potatoes, sugary beverages, although low in fat, can lead to a phenomenon called “Insulin Resistance”.

Affecting up to one in every 3 Americans, Insulin Resistance is very common and can lead to difficulty losing weight, pre-diabetes, or type II diabetes, heart disease and other long term health problems. While the new My plate tries to address some of these issues, it still does not provide any specific guidance on the glycemic index of foods which plays an important role in pathogenesis of insulin resistance.

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