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W8MD believes in prevention rather than cure. Our weight loss program offers:

W8MD’s dream team

A realistic weight loss goal, Accept most insurances for physician visits, Any of the FDA approved diet medications, A reduced calorie, nutritionally-balanced eating plan or VLCD diet plan
Minimum additional biweekly program cost of $50.00 covers diet medications
Affordable and delicious meal replacement weight loss supplements
Education on causes of weight gain such as insulin resistance and a behavior change plan
Instructions on regular physical activity and a plan to maintain weight after you reach your goal!

Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food – Hippocrates.


W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & Medspa
1718 Welsh Road, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA, 19115

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & Medspa
987 Old Eagle School Rd Suite 712, Wayne, PA 19087

 W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & Medspa
2632 E 21st St., Suite L2, Brooklyn, NY, 11235

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & Medical Spa NJ
140 E Evesham Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & Medspa
Manhattan, NY – 401 E 55th Street New York, NY 10022

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Our weight loss program cost $50.00 biweekly plus insurance or $130 self pay  


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