Body Contouring New York City

  • Are you trying to melt or freeze off excess fat in some areas of your body?
  • Do you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat, love handles or other areas?
  • Do you have excess loose skin or wrinkles?
  • Do you have unwanted cellulite in your legs or other parts of the body?
  • Do you need to get rid of stretch marks on your body?

if you answered yes to any of the questions, you are at the right place.

Introducing the W8MD’s NYC Tripolar Radio Frequency (RF) Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction

We all have some extra stubborn areas of fat such as belly, love handles, saddle bags, or wiggly arms! How about those stretch marks or loose skin? …

Trouble areas of fat in NYC? No problem!

Be it Mummy Tummy, saddle bags, wiggle-wave arms, stubborn fat pockets, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin, we can help!

W8MD’s Pollogen BODY Treatments finally offer you a truly effective way to combat these trouble zones without invasive and expensive surgery.

This breakthrough treatment combines multiple technologies that allows us to release fat in targeted areas, smooth cellulite, tighten and tone stretched skin, and contour your body to fine-tune what you work so hard to achieve.

The non-surgical tightening & toning solution to reshape & contour your body exactly where you want.

Before and After Pictures of Tripolar RF Body Contouring Treatments NYC

Before & After Pollogen BODY Treatments

W8MD offers both Tripolar RF body contouring and Mesotherapy PCDC injections

  • PC DC injections are for localized areas of fat as opposed to overall weight loss.
  • PCDC injections can be used for any localized fat deposits such as love handles, double chin, arms, bra area fat reduction, cellulite reduction, thighs, abdomen and other areas.

Tripolar RF Body Contouring

TriPollar® RF is clinically and histopathologically proven to simultaneously, homogeneously and volumetrically heat both superficial (dermal) and deep (hypodermal) layers while treating the body and Face. The focused Tripollar RF− due to its high density− enables the use of low energy, thereby providing immediate and long-lasting results. The deep heating encourages the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and smoother skin. In addition, for the body, heating the fat cells accelerates metabolism and causes them to shrink, resulting in body shaping and minimized cellular appearance. Simple to use and remarkably efficient, TriPollar treatments deliver body shaping, skin tightening, reduction of cellulite and treatment of wrinkles from the first treatment, and long-lasting results after a course of treatments, without surgery or downtime.

Mesotherapy treatments frequently asked questions

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  • Is Mesotherapy painful?
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  • So why is it called mesotherapy?
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  • What is the benefit of tripolar RF mesotherapy?
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  • What is the cost of the tripolar RF body contouring?
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  • Why is Tripolar RF mesotherapy one of the best treatments for body contouring?
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