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For many years I struggled with weight. I tried everything. I couldn’t get it off. This is the only one that actually worked and I have kept it off! I am amazed at my results. I wore a bikini for the first time this past summer! The last time I did that was about 10 years ago. Dr. Tumpati and Laura are extremely knowledgeable. They are both such a huge help in my reaching my goals and keeping me there. Dr. Tumpati is so helpful in everything. He works with you. He listens. He is so up to date on everything. I would never be where I am if it wasn’t for him. I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend him. I give his name to everyone. He is the only one that was able to help. I’m still amazed every time I look in the mirror or pull out a shirt that is just huge now. Amazed and excited. Thank you! Jamie J. on Google Reviews

More success stories

I have always been a large person. Many doctors have told me that I have the largest (thickest) bones they had ever seen. So, it has been difficult for me to maintain my weight within the recommended range on the AMA “charts” through the 63 years I’ve walked the earth. But, for many of the last 25 or so, my weight has been well over 300 lbs. As a result, I developed several of the so called “fat” conditions; type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, had both hips replaced, etc. Like many people, I had tried just about every diet and exercise program out there with varying degrees of success. But none that lasted.

Last year, my doctor told me that I was a heart attack waiting to happen, and suggested that I consider gastric bypass surgery. To my way of thinking, this was a last resort for lost causes. Not willing to admit to myself that I couldn’t do this without such a drastic solution, I went to see Dr. Tumpati at W8MD. That decision has absolutely changed my life! Since that first visit on October 1, 2017, I have lost 110 lbs. I previously took six medications per day for my “conditions”. I now take one. I buy clothes in “normal men’s” stores for the first time in decades.

Dr. Tumpati explained the science behind the human body’s process of burning fat that made it easy for me to understand what I was doing wrong. As I long as I keep following his advice, I stay healthy.

I highly recommend Dr. Tumpati and the W8MD program to anyone struggling to lose weight and improve their health! Steve S. on Google Reviews


Weight loss success stories
Healthy woman

Can only say that I absolutely love the staff at this office! I’m thrilled that I’m down 52 pounds and counting. Have several friends enrolled in the program as well and all are having successful weightloss. Thank you Laura for always being able to switch my appointment when my schedule has changed from when I have made my original appointment. Kim S.

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Thank u sow much Dr.Tumpati this program really works he is very kind and Laura ur the best the things u told me t do they really have help a lot and my doctor really appreciate what u have done for me my life has really change 52 pounds in 15 weeks people this really works go for it. 100% accurate. Kiara.

This is a great program that has worked very well for me. Dr. Tumpati is is very knowledgeable and keeps up to date with the science of weight loss and nutrition. I was really packing on the pounds as I got older, and everything hurt. After losing 40 pounds, my knees are great and I can do stairs without pain. I just don’t know why it took me so long to make the first appointment…this is exactly what I have been looking for. I’m halfway to a goal I thought was unattainable, and I feel great. My clothes fit again and I have tons of energy. At each monthly visit the doctor take measurements, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate, and we discuss goals, exercise, issues, and any problems encountered and adjustments are made as necessary. I highly recommend this program and Dr. Tumpati. Mary A.

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I have tried every diet available. Some were successful at first, but then they all failed. I was severely over weight, which was dangerous to my health. I met doctor Tumpati by chance. When he told me he was a diet doctor I told him I would be visiting him soon. The doctor is very kind, and patient. He takes blood pressure and body measurements every visit besides your weight. There are some medications involved but the doctor is flexible and helpful if changes are needed or a medication needs to be discontinued or changed. So far I have lost 42 pounds with 18 to go before by youngest daughter’s 21st birthday trip to Hawaii. Doctor Tumpati is very encouraging and kind. Laura is very helpful, she is there to work with you so you succeed. She can be reached by phone for appointment changes or if you run out of food. The doctor and staff become your friends. I highly recommend W8MD. Lennie C.

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