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Obesity is a national epidemic

Obesity has been associated with significant increase in morbidity and mortality as it increases the risk of serious health problems such as  heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

What are the latest obesity and overweight statistics?


 Percentage of US Adults with Overweight and Obesity by Sex,  2013–2014  NHANES Data

All (Men and Women)MenWomen
Overweight or Obesity70.273.766.9
Obesity (including extreme obesity)37.73540.4
Extreme obesity7.75.59.9

What treatment options are available to treat obesity?

Treatment options for individuals with obesity include lifestyle therapy, such as diet, exercise, and behavioral counseling; obesity drugs; surgery; or a combination of these efforts

Glossary of obesity

Obesity news

In 2018, the rate of obesity among adults is getting close to 40% which has gradually went up from about 34% in 2005. Another third of the population are in the overweight category, so taken together, the rate of those that are either overweight or obese is about a staggering 70%. That makes the vast majority of Americans overweight or obese!

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If you are one of the over 70% of Americans that are overweight or obese and need help losing weight, and live in the North Eastern United States, W8MD can help.

Our physician supervised, non-surgical weight loss programs have been helping patients not only lose weight but also to keep it off. Using clinically proven weight loss measures, we will be able to assist you to reach your weight loss goals. We have been serving the residents of greater New York City, greater Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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