W8MD weight loss, sleep and medspa centers

W8MD not only offers  the

W8MD's weight loss, sleep and medspa services

popular insurance physician weight loss programs, but also sleep medicine, medical aesthetics, IV / IM nutrition services

8 Amazing Weeks of Weight Loss

  1. VLCD diet plan with or without meal replacements
  2. FDA approved weight loss medications complimentary if dispensed in office
  3. Weekly meal planner with W8MD’s recipes with reduced calorie and reduced carb diet
  4. Instructions on regular physical activity for weight loss, body toning and cardiovascular health
  5. Access to W8MD team for any questions related to nutrition, wellness and diet
  6. Access to W8MD portal with information on weight loss, low carb diet and wellness
  7. Complimentary ketostix to monitor progress by checking urine at home
  8. Fiber / Senna to help with bowel movements or vitamins for optimal health
  9. B12 or Lipo B injections to help improve energy or W8MD behavior modules
  10. Daily calorie and carb tracker to stay on track for weight loss

W8MD’s other services

W8MD MedSpa offers IV nutrition therapy, full-fledged medical aesthetics including Botox, Fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections, Laser skin treatments, vein treatments, hair reduction and hair restoration, and many more.

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Our weight loss program cost $50.00 biweekly plus insurance or $130 self pay  


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