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Baking is the process of cooking food using dry heat, typically in an oven. Baking can be used to prepare a wide range of foods, including bread, cakes, pastries, and cookies. It is a popular method of cooking that has been used for centuries. In this article, we will explore the history of baking, the science behind the process, and some popular baked goods.

Freshly baked bread loaves

History of Baking

Baking has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of baking comes from ancient Egypt, where flatbreads were baked in mud ovens. The ancient Greeks and Romans also baked bread, and during the Middle Ages, baking became an important industry in Europe, with guilds being formed to regulate the trade. In the 19th century, baking became more accessible to the general public with the invention of the oven thermometer and the development of baking powder, which allowed for the production of lighter, fluffier baked goods.

The Science of Baking

  • Baking is a science, and the process involves several chemical reactions that transform raw ingredients into a delicious finished product. Some of the key principles of baking include:
  • Leavening: The process of adding a leavening agent such as yeast, baking powder, or baking soda to create carbon dioxide gas, which causes the dough or batter to rise.
  • Maillard Reaction: The process of browning that occurs when sugars and proteins are heated, resulting in a characteristic flavor and aroma.
  • Oxidation: The process of oxygen reacting with fats, causing them to become rancid and affecting the flavor of the final product.
Baking On Low Heat

Popular Baked Goods

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