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Obesity is a significant public health challenge that affects a large portion of the population, particularly in the United States where over 70% of adults are either obese or overweight. This condition not only has serious health consequences but also drives up healthcare costs, with an estimated 20% of healthcare spending related to obesity-related issues.

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Root Causes of Weight Gain

One of the leading causes of weight gain and the obesity epidemic is insulin resistance, which affects one in three people and is considered a pre-diabetic state. Making lifestyle changes and losing weight can significantly reduce the risk of developing serious health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers. In fact, losing as little as 5-10% of your body weight can help lower the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, and certain cancers.

W8MD's 8-Step Weight Loss Program

W8MD offers a comprehensive weight loss solution with their 8-step weight loss program that actually helps you to lose fat, not muscle. This program is unique in that it accepts most health insurance for visits and tests, with an additional cost of $50.00 for up to two diet medications. The 8 steps include getting adequate sleep, losing up to 8 lbs in two weeks, following a 800-1200 calorie meal replacement plan, walking 8000-10,000 steps a day, drinking 8 or more glasses of water, striving for a figure-8 body shape, and aiming to live a long and healthy life for 80 years.

Comprehensive approach

At W8MD, patients undergo a thorough evaluation by a board-certified doctor to determine the underlying causes of their weight gain and to develop a personalized treatment plan. The plan may include a combination of medical weight loss strategies such as appetite suppressants, fat burners, and other medications, as well as lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise.

Prab R. Tumpati, MD

Latest FDA approved treatments

W8MD utilizes the latest technology to enhance the weight loss experience. For instance, they offer body composition analysis to measure body fat, muscle mass, and other indicators of health. They also provide B-12 injections and lipotropic injections to support metabolism and weight loss.

In addition to weight loss services, W8MD offers a range of wellness services, including sleep medicine and aesthetic treatments, to help individuals achieve their desired appearance and improve overall health. They offer diagnostic tests and treatments for sleep disorders, including lifestyle changes and medication, to improve sleep quality.

Supportive staff

Patients receive individualized care and support from a team of professionals, including doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers, with the ultimate goal of helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals, improve their health, and maintain a healthy weight for the long term.

Weight loss services

W8MD's weight loss services include:

  • FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants or diet pills
  • Affordable and delicious meal replacements
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Correction of underlying insulin resistance and other contributing factors
  • Experienced and knowledgeable obesity medicine physicians
  • Correction of sleep disorders that contribute to weight gain
  • Body contouring, mesotherapy, and other aesthetic treatments

Why choose W8MD for weight loss?

  • Personalized and flexible weight loss plans
  • Acceptance of most insurance for weight loss doctor visits and tests
  • Minimal additional cost of $50.00 biweekly, including diet pills
  • Success stories of successful weight loss
  • Affordable and delicious meal replacement options.

W8MD's 8-step weight loss program offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to weight loss, helping individuals achieve their goals and improve their overall health. If you're ready to take control of your weight and health, contact W8MD today to start your journey.

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