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Obesity is a growing concern in New York City, with a significant portion of the population struggling to maintain a healthy weight. The city is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, busy schedules, and abundant food options, which can contribute to weight gain and obesity.


Obesity in NYC

According to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in 2019, the obesity rate in New York City was 24% among adults, with a higher rate among communities of color and low-income communities. The same report also stated that, in the same year, more than one-third of adults in New York City were overweight.

Factors causing weight gain in New York City

There are various factors that contribute to obesity in New York City, including:

  • Poor Diet: The abundance of fast food options and unhealthy eating habits can contribute to weight gain and obesity. Many people in the city rely on fast food and takeout due to their busy schedules, which can lead to an excessive intake of calories, unhealthy fats, and sugar.
  • Lack of Physical Activity: New York City is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, and many people have sedentary jobs, which can contribute to weight gain and obesity. The city also has a large public transportation system, which means that many people are not getting enough physical activity in their daily routines.
  • Stress: New York City is a stressful place to live, and stress can lead to weight gain and obesity. Many people turn to food as a form of comfort, and stress can also disrupt sleep patterns, which can also contribute to weight gain.
  • Environmental Factors: The city's built environment can also contribute to weight gain and obesity. For example, many neighborhoods in New York City lack parks and green spaces, which can make it difficult for people to engage in physical activity. Additionally, the city's food environment is often dominated by fast food restaurants and convenience stores, which can make it challenging for people to access healthy food options.

W8MD's 8 steps in losing weight in New York City

  1. Step 1: Determine Your Weight Status: To begin your weight loss journey in NYC, the first step is to determine your current weight status. This can be done by finding a scale, measuring your weight without clothes, and measuring your height if you do not already know it. You can then use a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to determine if you are overweight or obese.
  2. Step 2: Calculate Your BMI: Body Mass Index or BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. If you use the imperial system, divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared and multiply by a conversion factor of 703. Based on your BMI, you will fall into one of the following categories: underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.
  3. Step 3: Measure Your Waist Circumference: Measuring your waist circumference is another way to determine the distribution of your weight and potential health risks. If most of your fat is around your waist, you are at a higher risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Measure your waist just above your hipbone, after you exhale.
  4. Step 4: Identify the Causes of Weight Gain: Once you have determined your weight status, the next step is to identify what may be causing your weight gain. Factors such as metabolic issues, food and activity, environment, genetics, health conditions, medications, stress, emotional factors, and poor sleep can all contribute to weight gain.
  5. Step 5: Choose an Evidence-Based Weight Loss Method: When it comes to weight loss, there are numerous diets and programs to choose from. However, it is important to look for evidence-based methods that have been proven to work. At W8MD, we offer five proven options for weight loss, including low-calorie diets, increased physical activity, intensive behavior therapy, prescription weight loss medications, and weight-loss surgery.
  6. Step 6: Utilize Your Health Insurance: Many health insurance plans cover screening and weight loss doctor visits as obesity is considered a preventable illness. W8MD accepts most health insurance plans for doctor visits and any necessary tests, such as an EKG or resting metabolic rate test. See insurance coverage for weight loss‎‎
  7. Step 7: Find an Affordable and Evidence-Based Weight Loss Program: When searching for a weight loss program, it is important to choose one that is evidence-based, affordable, and accepts your health insurance. W8MD is a center that offers weight loss, sleep, and medspa services and accepts most health insurance plans for doctor visits and any necessary tests.
  8. Step 8: Maintain Your Weight Loss: Losing weight is not just about reaching a certain number on the scale, it is about creating a healthy lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits. Working with a trained and experienced weight loss physician can be safe, effective, and more affordable than other non-medical programs. Once you reach a healthy weight, relying on healthful eating and physical activity most days of the week will help you maintain your weight loss over the long term.

How can W8MD help?

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep and Medspa suggests 5 proven methods for weight loss: a low calorie diet, increased physical activity, intensive behavior therapy, prescription weight loss medications, and bariatric surgery. It's important to choose an evidence-based weight loss program that is affordable and covered by your health insurance. W8MD accepts most health insurances for weight loss doctor visits and can offer prescription weight loss medications in the office.

Losing weight is just the first step, maintaining the weight loss is crucial. This requires making long-term changes to your eating and exercise habits, and engaging in moderate intensity physical activity for 60-90 minutes most days of the week. Working with a trained weight loss physician can not only be safe and effective, but also more affordable than non-medical weight loss programs.

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