Acanthosis nigricans

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Acanthosis nigricans (AN) is a skin disorder in which there is darker, thick, velvety skin in body folds and creases sometimes also with skin tags or chordons.

Acanthosis nigricans

What causes Acanthosis Nigricans?

Acanthosis Nigricans is caused by an underlying process that also causes significant weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes called insulin resistance.

What are the risk factors for Acanthosis Nigricans?

Having a diet high in unrefined carbohydrates is a big risk factor for Acanthosis that is associated with obesity and insulin resistance. Certain other endocrine problems such as hypothyroidism, acromegaly, Cushing's disease may also be associated with Acanthosis.

What are the different types of Acanthosis?

Acanthosis nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) can be classified as the following types based on the underlying cause.

  1. Type I – familial
  2. Type II – endocrine
  3. Type III – obesity and pseudoacanthosis nigricans
  4. Type IV – drug-related
  5. Type V –malignancy related
  6. Type VI –Acral acanthotic anomaly
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How is Acanthosis Nigricans diagnosed?

Acanthosis nigricans is typically diagnosed clinically. Rarely, a biopsy might be required.

Can Acanthois Nigricans lead development of skin tags or chordons?

In some people, acanthosis nigricans can lead to small outgrowths of skin called skin tags or chordons.

Can W8MD help me with acanthosis or skin tags?

Yes, at W8MD, we address not only acanthosis and insulin resistance that causes it, but we can also freeze off the skin tags and most insurances cover removal of these unsightly skin tags. Can acanthosis nigricans go away?


Most forms of Acanthosis are reversible and treatable including the most common form related to insulin resistance which also causes significant weight gain. Any treatment for Acanthosis should include a comprehensive plan to address the underlying cause to reverse it when possible and to prevent future development of complications. [caption id="attachment_4087" align="alignleft" width="225"]Acanthosis Nigricans Acanthosis Nigricans[/caption]

Can acanthosis nigricans be reversed?

Yes. W8MD weight loss, sleep and medspa centers physicians are uniquely trained in addressing not only Acanthosis but also treat the underlying causes of Acanthosis such as insulin resistance thereby reversing it and preventing future development of diabetes as long as you maintain the diet. Is acanthosis nigricans dangerous?

While Acanthosis nigricans itself is usually benign, the underlying cause of Acanthosis might lead to development of future health problems such as insulin resistance.

How can one prevent Acanthosis nigricans?

The best way to prevent Acanthosis related to insulin resistance is to change the diet to a lower glycemic load foods that do not produce much insulin.

How do I know if I am insulin resistant?

You can use W8MD's insulin resistance calculator to determine if you are insulin resistant.


What are the symptoms of acanthosis nigricans?

A: The symptoms of acanthosis nigricans include dark, thickened, velvety patches of skin, usually in skin folds such as the neck, armpits, and groin. The affected skin may also have a slightly rough texture.

Who is at risk of developing acanthosis nigricans?

A: Acanthosis nigricans is more common in people who are overweight or obese, have type 2 diabetes, or have a family history of the condition. It is also more common in certain ethnic groups, such as African Americans and Hispanics.

How is acanthosis nigricans diagnosed?

A: Acanthosis nigricans is diagnosed based on the appearance of the affected skin. Blood tests may be done to check for underlying medical conditions that may be causing the condition.

Can acanthosis nigricans be treated?

A: Treatment for acanthosis nigricans involves addressing any underlying medical conditions that may be causing the condition, as well as making lifestyle changes such as losing weight and exercising regularly. Topical treatments and medications may also be used to improve the appearance of the affected skin.

Is acanthosis nigricans a sign of cancer?

A: In rare cases, acanthosis nigricans may be a sign of an underlying cancer, such as stomach or liver cancer. However, most cases of acanthosis nigricans are not associated with cancer.

Can acanthosis nigricans be prevented?

A: Acanthosis nigricans can be prevented or minimized by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and avoiding medications that may cause the condition. It is also important to manage any underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes or hormonal disorders.

How can W8MD help me or my loved ones if they have Acanthosis nigricans?

Our weight loss group has helped patients accomplish their goals by employing a clinically proven evidence based four-step methodology for safe weight loss:

  1. a physician-supervised diet and weight loss medication,
  2. a in person structured and administered exercise program,
  3. comprehensive psychotherapy, and
  4. ongoing weight maintenance support.

We can assist you accomplish long lasting weight loss while not feeling perpetually hungry. once you resent your weight loss program as a result of you’re feeling perpetually hungry, it’s rather more tough to continue any important long term changes for weight loss. once you feel hungry, you’re biologically driven to eat, and diet plans that force you to fight that biological impulse will be tough to take care of. At W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program, we would like to assist you accomplish lasting weight loss results for long term weight loss success.

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