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Gaining a thorough understanding of the causes of weight gain is a crucial step in the weight loss process. Knowing the number of calories needed to lose weight, along with a balanced diet, can help facilitate weight loss.

Exercise alone won't cut it

While exercise can aid in weight loss, research shows that it is not an effective solution on its own. Weight gain can be caused by excess fluid or water retention in the body, which can be addressed by reducing water weight.

Start with BMI

To determine the right amount of weight to lose, you can check your body mass index using the BMI calculator at W8MD Medical Weight Centers of America. Rapid weight loss should be monitored by a weight loss specialist, as it can have negative side effects.


How fast should you lose it?

Losing weight quickly is possible, but it depends on the amount of excess weight and the chosen method. Reducing daily caloric intake by 500 calories per pound desired to be lost is a common approach. The most effective way to curb cravings is to eat 5 to 6 small protein-based meals. W8MD meal replacement options, such as bars and shakes, can aid in healthy and efficient weight loss.

How can W8MD's 8 Amazing Weeks of Weight Loss Help?

W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers offer an 8-week weight loss program designed to address the various factors that contribute to weight gain, including metabolic, hormonal, nutritional, sleep, and behavioral factors. With the help of their physicians, a personalized weight loss plan will be created to meet your individual needs. And, most W8MD centers can bill your insurance company directly for these visits. Additionally, the program also includes access to meal replacement options such as protein bars and shakes to support your weight loss journey. By focusing on both nutrition and lifestyle changes, W8MD's 8-week program aims to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Personalized approach

W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program can provide personalized solutions to address the various factors that contribute to weight gain. The program is designed with the help of physicians and can be covered by insurance.

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & Medspa Centers

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep & Medspa Centers is a network of medical centers located in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and surrounding areas that provide comprehensive care for weight loss, sleep disorders, and aesthetic treatments.

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