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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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Losing weight is only part of the solution as most people that lose weight, irrespective of how they lost the weight, risk weight regain unless they go on a maintenance plan. Also, as we age, there are many factors that can affect our weight, including genes, age, gender, lifestyle, family habits, culture, sleep, and even where we live and work. Some of these factors can make it hard to maintain or achieve a healthy weight. However, following a nutritious eating pattern and exercising regularly can help keep your body as healthy as possible as you age.


W8MD's focus is lifestyle change

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep, and MedSpa centers can help you with physician-supervised medical weight loss programs that aim to help you lose weight and maintain it by leading a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD, the founder of W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep, and MedSpa centers, is a board-certified internal medicine, sleep and obesity medicine physician with a fellowship training in the emerging field of Obesity Medicine. Dr. Tumpati is also board certified in sleep medicine and can address any of the over 80 different sleep disorders. Additionally, Dr. Tumpati is trained in aesthetic medicine and can perform many aesthetic treatments such as Botox, Dermal fillers, photofacials, oxygen facials, microneedling, etc.

Why does weight change as we age?

As we age, metabolism - how the body gets energy from food - can change. This means that some older adults must become more active or eat fewer calories to maintain or achieve their ideal weight. Other older adults may lose weight unintentionally due to various reasons. Sudden, unintended weight loss can be a sign of a serious medical problem such as cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, and even some neurological diseases. If you or a loved one is losing weight rapidly without meaning to do so, consult a healthcare professional to find out if there is a medical cause.

Why should we maintain a healthy weight?

Keeping your weight in the normal range is an important part of healthy aging. Elevated body mass index (BMI) in older adults can increase the likelihood of developing health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight can help decrease these risks. Being underweight also increases the chance of developing health problems.

How are food, exercise, and calories connected?

Being active and choosing healthy foods can help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight, feel more energetic, and decrease your chances of having other health problems. It's important to choose foods rich in nutrients and aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. The energy your body gets from the foods and drinks you consume is measured in calories. Your body needs a certain number of calories each day, depending on your activity level and other factors, to maintain your current weight.

What should I eat to lose or gain weight?

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, eating healthy foods matters. Try to follow a healthy eating pattern rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins. If you're concerned about your weight and want to change it, talk with a healthcare professional about how to make changes in a healthy way that's right for you. Limit portion size to control calorie intake, be as physically active as you can be, swap out your usual foods for healthier alternatives, stay hydrated with water and avoid drinks with added sugar, set specific, realistic goals, and keep track of what you eat in a food diary.

How much physical activity do I need?

Exercise and physical activity are good for just about everyone including older adults. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. You don't need to spend a lot of money joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer to get fit.

How can W8MD help?

W8MD is a physician-supervised medical weight loss and wellness program that is designed to help older adults achieve their healthy weight goals. W8MD’s weight loss program incorporates the latest evidence-based approaches and techniques to help people lose weight safely and effectively.

W8MD weight loss program helps patients lose weight by identifying and addressing the underlying causes of obesity, including metabolic factors, hormonal imbalances, sleep disorders, and lifestyle factors. Our comprehensive program combines diet, exercise, behavior therapy, and medication as needed to help patients achieve sustainable weight loss.

In addition to weight loss, W8MD also offers services that can help older adults improve their sleep and overall health. W8MD sleep medicine program offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of over 80 different sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome.

Moreover, W8MD medspa provides many aesthetic treatments such as Botox, Dermal fillers, photofacials, oxygen facials, microneedling, and others that can help older adults improve their appearance, confidence, and quality of life.

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