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Fat fetishism, also known as feederism, is a sexual fetish or preference for overweight or obese partners. It involves an individual being sexually aroused by the appearance or idea of someone who is overweight or obese, and may also involve feeding and encouraging weight gain in their partner.

  • Some individuals who are attracted to overweight or obese partners may enjoy the physical sensation of a larger body, while others may enjoy the idea of their partner being dependent on them for food or care. The fetish can be experienced by people of any gender, sexual orientation, or body size.
  • While some individuals may engage in feederism consensually and in a safe and healthy manner, others may use the fetish to engage in harmful behaviors, such as pressuring their partner to gain weight or engaging in non-consensual feeding. In extreme cases, individuals who are attracted to overweight or obese partners may engage in extreme weight gain practices, such as force-feeding, which can result in serious health consequences.


  • Fat fetishism has been the subject of controversy and criticism, with some individuals arguing that it promotes harmful attitudes towards overweight and obese individuals and reinforces harmful stereotypes about their bodies. However, others argue that it is a harmless sexual preference and that individuals should be free to express their sexuality in a consensual and safe manner.
  • It is important to note that individuals who are attracted to overweight or obese partners should respect their partner's boundaries and engage in any sexual activity in a safe and consensual manner. In addition, individuals who struggle with their own weight or body image may want to seek support and counseling to address any underlying issues and ensure that they are engaging in healthy behaviors.

Fat fetishism is a complex and controversial topic, and individuals should approach it with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved.

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